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Singing Machine SML-383P CDG Karaoke Player by Singing Machine

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Singing Machine SML-383P CDG Karaoke Player
(Electronics) Singing Machine 2010-11-24

Vertical Load CDG Player
Two Microphone Inputs with Microphone Volume and Echo Control
Disco Light Effect
Video Output for TV Connection with Audio Aux In/Output
Balance Music; Vocal Control

Price: $59.99 $47.77

Customer Reviews:
  1. Great karaoke player!
    As usual my husband waited until the last minute to buy out daughter her Christmas gift! So 4 days before Christmas I told him that he should get a karaoke machine because out daughter loves to sing. When we started looking their were not a lot of options and most had bad reviews. This product...
  2. Disapointed
    Amazon, A+ as always. Singing Machine, improve your quality. CD door very flimsy and I could see breaking in the first week. Loading and operating would not be very kid friendly. Very disappointed in karaoke machines in general and especially Singing Machine brands. We have bought three...


Any one know what type of cd burner ya need to burn cdg cd's for karaoke player?

I want to backup my cdg cd's as my kids scrach then with there friends but dont know what make of burner will do cd+g formats.

http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~aa571/cdgfaq .htm
It has great info and links to lists of compatible drives that can read/write CD+G discs.

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Purple Kid Karaoke machine, I can't find it!!!?

Does anybody know the name of that karaoke machine that came out in 2000, I think, and it has songs from britney spears, christinia aguilera, backstreet boys, smash mouth, and savage garden. It's purple, has a disco ball in the center, and there...

find it here

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player
Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player by Singing Machine

Price: $49.99 $41.98

Balance, Echo, and Auto Voice controls
Portable Verticle load CDG Player with Disco Light Effect
Built-in Speakers
2 Microphone Jacks with Volume Control
2 Digit LED Display